Frequently Asked Questions

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That technology or ‘RAC’ is an Internet payment system (virtual Bank) to make money transfers securely throughout the internet world. There is a Free API support to your business website which helps in business promotion by using cashmaal payment gateway.

=> store funds in a safe and secure online account;

=> make instant money transfers between users;

=> accept payments in & on behalf of various companies on the Internet;

That technology provide API support to business websites to send and receive payments for Free.

Everyone over the age of 18 from any country in the world can register and use a free account in That technology.

In order to create an account with That technology, follow the instructions below:

=> - Go to "Sign Up".

=> - Ensure you fill out the registration form with correct data.

=> - Read the Privacy Policy/TOS and hit Register.

=> - Your wallet account is created in That technology.

There is no Account Limit in That technology, you can do unlimited transactions with no amount limit.

No need to make multiple accounts as One That technology account covers all your bank needs. Anyhow multiple accounts can be login from same IP address.

Every That technology user can deposit emoney (what you want to exchange) and place his withdrawal in another (what you want to get). You will have to set withdrawal method by putting his wallet/account Id in the desired payment method before place a withdrawal.

Yes, That technology is absolutely safe and secure system with data storage on multiple servers at different locations in the world. Also having SSL secure (HTTPS).

Money transfers via Bank can take around 3 to 24 hours. The money is credited to your account immediately once we verify the transferred amount.

Yes, you can deposit in cashmaal using one e-money and get paid in another one.